Hi! I'm Tina.
Welcome to Birthmark Studio

Growing up, I was the quiet art kid with a birthmark in her eye. I always sat at the back of the class. My fate revealed itself to me at one PTA meeting. My teacher showed my parents several homework assignments covered page to page with doodle drawings. It was clear from that moment on that I had an innate sense for color, shapes and composition.
Fast forward to a decade and a few awards later. After a 8 year career stint in NYC's competitive fashion landscape, I am translating my skills into the digital world, blending a refined sensibility to every digital interface I design.


• User Interface Design
• User Experience Design
• Visual Design
• Branding
• Wireframing
• Illustration




• Diet Coke National Young Designer Contest, Semifinalist, 2013
• Independent Designer Handbag Designer Contest, Finalist, 2018